Fermeuse Harbour: Employment Enabler

Fermeuse Harbour: Employment Enabler

The proposed Marine Base and Spool Base developments in Fermeuse Harbour would create over 250 specialized service jobs to support the growing energy sector for decades to come. Plus, there will be 100-200 short term construction jobs supporting the two-year build out of the project.

“We understand that the energy resources industry offshore Newfoundland and Labrador is going to grow over the next 10 to 20 years. Specialized infrastructure and services in Fermeuse can help grow and keep jobs in this Province,” says Swapan Kataria, President of Fermeuse Energy Limited which is the company leading the developments.

“The large Spool base planned for Fermeuse is an excellent example,” Mr. Kataria continued. “There are Spool bases in Norway and Louisiana, but there are none in Newfoundland & Labrador, and, in fact, none in Canada. Instead of allowing specialized technology, projects and jobs to go to other countries due to the lack of infrastructure, we feel the large Fermeuse Spool base will facilitate long term, stable employment for skilled workers from Newfoundland & Labrador.”

As an advantage for local industry, Spool bases support the construction of new subsea pipelines and expansion of flowlines for existing and future oil and gas fields, including technology innovations, productivity improvements, ability to reach otherwise uneconomic resources, reduced overall costs, general safety, and specialized employment skill sets.

High among the reasons that Fermeuse Harbour has been selected for the site of new technology and infrastructure is its east coast location, plus the fact that it is a deep water and ice-free port with extensive quaysides capabilities to host drilling rigs and the largest construction vessels that will be essential for developing the next frontiers of our oil and gas industry.

“The proximity of Fermeuse Harbour to the current and new deep-water offshore fields means reduced transportation costs and reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and associated environmental impacts,” says Mike Rose, a local business development advisor for Fermeuse Energy Limited and long-time advocate for Fermeuse Harbour development. “With the Spool Base supporting a new heavy industry Marine Base, the reduction in transportation times to and from the fields will result in a lower carbon footprint for industry. As well, Fermeuse Harbour is a very well-protected and safe harbour which will provide excellent protection for important industry assets from increasingly powerful storms.”

The company management confirms that all planned and possible developments in Fermeuse will need the project to meet International industry, environmental and social standards. Mr. Kataria commented, “We know the innovative energy hub concept in Fermeuse represents a significant opportunity in the sustainable development of the province’s energy resources, but it must be delivered at the highest degree of excellence in all areas.”

While Kataria firmly believes in Fermeuse Harbour’s strengths and advantages, he is uncertain at this time if the user companies are committed to creating and maintaining local skill sets or supporting local growth. As a global investor now committed to Newfoundland and Labrador, he would like to see more local Provincial government leadership to aggressively promote such local developments toward industry, so they can secure the future of Newfoundland and Labrador families and businesses. Mr. Kataria concluded, “We cannot control the decisions of potential industry users, nor can we push political will. All we can do is state that the new Marine Base and Spool Base are set to bring significant economic benefits to Newfoundland and Labrador for decades to come.”

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