Marine Base

Marine Base

Fermeuse Harbour’s east coast location and deep-water port make it an ideal site for a new Marine Base.

The Marine Base will facilitate the development of the next frontiers of the oil and gas industry and enable the development and operations of a renewable wind-to-hydrogen energy project. The Marine Base will provide essential backbone for the future transhipment Hydrogen Hub.    

The Marine Base provides essential waterfront infrastructure and spacious working areas to enable reliable planning and execution of complex construction and ongoing operational projects. For example, it offers major planning, cost and safety advantages for large multi-year subsea construction projects in the oil and gas sector which, among other factors, may be seasonally-limited. The oil and gas sector will also benefit because Marine Base facilities will also enable fresh operating models to streamline drilling logistics, reduce non-productive time, strengthen and diversify supply chains, and enhance essential life of field support services, including project decommissionings.

The Marine Base is also large enough – and is being specially designed – to fully support the construction and operation of a large-scale wind energy project. Fermeuse Energy plans to establish Fermeuse Harbour as a Hydrogen Hub. The deep-water port is conveniently located near proposed wind turbines, hydrogen/ammonia production facilities, and storage facilities that will allow the Marine Base to support Green Ammonia exports.

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