Fermeuse Energy is leading the transition to green energy sources.

Fermeuse Harbour

  • Four KM Safe Harbour
  • Wide Entrance, Protected From All Winds
  • Deep Water Throughout Harbour
  • Strong Supply of Fresh Water
  • Ice FreeĀ 

Marine Base

  • Over 120 Acres (at waterfront)
  • Waterfront Adjacent Construction/Storage
  • Business Park (> 1,200 acres)
  • Multiple Deep Berths (minimum 10 meter drafts)

Spool Base

  • Ideal Harbour Location.
  • Sustainable Technologies.
  • Net Zero Marine Services Facilities.
  • Provides Rigid Pipe Joining & Spooling Service.

Hydrogen Hub*

  • State-of-the-art renewables technologies
  • Wind to Hydrogen/Ammonia Project
  • Very favourable winds – available land – proximity to the deep water port
  • 400MW wind generation capacity
  • 24 kilotonnes of Green hydrogen (annual)

*Subject to Approvals

About Fermeuse Energy

Fermeuse Energy Limited is dedicated to developing Fermeuse Harbour as a modern energy port and a future transhipment Hydrogen Hub. Given its strategic location next to major shipping lanes, producing oil fields and designated offshore exploration areas, and long valued for its natural deep water and safe-harbour characteristics, the size and scale of Fermeuse Harbour will make it a commercial centre of technology excellence. The added natural availability of renewable on-land wind energy as a source creates the solid case for hydrogen-as-ammonia export.

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