Hydrogen Hub

Fermeuse Energy is committed to contributing to the decarbonization of Newfoundland and Labrador’s energy sector. We are planning to develop wind energy and Green Hydrogen and Green Ammonia production plants in Fermeuse Harbour.

In fact, we envision Fermeuse Harbour becoming known as a Hydrogen Hub. The Marine Base and deep water port is conveniently located near proposed wind turbines, hydrogen/ammonia production and storage facilities.

The proposed wind project¬†– subject to approvals and especially Environmental Assessment approval –¬†will consist of a phase one 100MW wind development that will be quickly expanded to a total maximum size of 400MW. Fermeuse Energy is working closely with national and international developers with extensive experience in large-scale wind farm design, construction and management, including design, construction, and management of Green Hydrogen to Green Ammonia projects.

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