Spool Base

Fermeuse Energy Limited is building a large Spool Base in Fermeuse Harbour. 

A spool base is a specialized onshore construction facility which uses advanced welding and piping technologies to cost-effectively support offshore oil and gas production. It methodically assembles rigid pipes of various diameters into predetermined lengths for spooling onto a reel lay vessel for offshore deployment.

Our goal 

Our goal is to deliver high specification infrastructure and services, logistical reliability, and efficiencies that will result in significant dollar savings and reduced carbon footprint for operators. The Spool Base will support the construction of new sub sea infrastructure, pipelines and expansion of flowlines for existing and future oil and gas fields, including technology innovations, productivity improvements, ability to reach otherwise uneconomic resources, reduced overall costs, general safety, and specialized employment skill sets.

The promise of Fermeuse Harbour is to deliver purpose-built waterfront facilities and adjacent industrial parks that will enable safe and cost-effective “one-stop-shopping” and integrated services for the oil and gas industry.

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